Silvina Moschini, Miss Internet Doubly ADDICTED

Caras, Chile, November 15, 2012

By Alexis Jéldrez
Photos Rodrigo López Porcile

Silvina Moschini walks around everywhere in her Bebe dress. “It´s an American brand, very youthful; a well-known fashion line in the United States for ladies between 30 and 40 years 2013 I’ll have to stop wearing them!” jokes the executive. She bought two identical models that only differ in their colors. She likes the brand “very much because it has very small outfits; for me it is a challenge to get my size.”

Passionate about gadgets and fashion, this Argentinean looked for a husband on and married Alex Konanykhin, a Russian entrepreneur who set up a financial empire at the age of 23. Partners in life and on the net, the two have offices in several countries and a fortune that multiplies with each click.

Silvina came to Chile with Twitter executives who were launching their advertising platform here, because Twitter is one of her clients. During the conference, while she struggled to get chairs and croissants, she had the luxury of refuting the famous Chilean Twitterer @Huasonic, who had posted: “At the end they said nothing new in #twitterchile.” Silvina answered: “Of course they did! They are starting operations in Chile earlier than in France.”

An expert in marketing and online visibility, she founded Intuic, which extends to New York, Miami, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and London, and which forces her to live online (you never know where she is tweeting from). She also was a leader in communications areas at Compaq, and Visa International. Today, she is a regular columnist for La Vanguardia and Infobae, plus a frequent interviewee at CNN.

As with all really great people, she is very straightforward. And she has published fun, frivolous stuff, such as the comment of a maitre d’ in a hotel in Sao Paulo, who said: “Here comes the lady with the wonderful shoes,” which Silvina crowned with a: “That´s a great way to a woman´s heart!”...

A fashion fan, too, on Twitter – where we conducted part of this interview – she is known as @MissInternet.

- Where did that name come from?
- “It came from an interview about digital entrepreneurs done by Fortune, where they called me that.”

- What´s the reason for it?
- “I believe it was because there are not many women in Internet and Technology.”

- That´s modest!.....Why would such a pretty lady use to look for a partner?
- ”Well, when you marry after your 30s, you know very well what you want and what you don’t want, and finding your love in a plane seat or at the supermarket is quite a Utopian idea. worked for me.”

- Where were you at that time?
- “In Buenos Aires, and Alex lived in Washington, so that´s the reason we decided to meet in Miami, which for me has always been my second home.

- What did you expect?
- “A beautiful man inside and outside, intelligent, sensitive, a sportsman, educated, generous.”

- You wrote that description and Alex appeared....
- “He was that and even more. A combination of qualities impossible to find in the real world and possible in the virtual world. One of the most brilliant people I have ever known.”

- What was that about Kim Kardashian marrying Alex?
- “It was posted in a blog. I didn’t like it.”

- But was it true?
- “No. It was the reporter’s pure creativity. Alex is married to another celebrity: Miss Internet.”

- Is it true that Kim is paid 10 thousands dollars per tweet?
- “It’s possible...some companies use this resource to promote themselves.”

- What are companies’ most common mistakes when using social media?
- “They need to understand that social media is a two-way communication. It´s not about pushing press releases, but chatting.”

- Some organizations refuse to have a social media presence to avoid criticism …
- “You can’t silence the Internet. As much as they resist participating in Twitter, Google or Facebook, they will not silence those audiences, and they’ve lost the opportunity to gain visibility.”

- How do you find the time to be always interacting?
- “Much iPad and iPhone, and many mishaps from writing while walking.”

- Are you a Mac girl?
- “I like the design very much, and that´s why I like Macs, but I also love some of the Samsung gadgets with Android. Applications are awesome!”

- What is TransparentBusiness, the entrepreneurship in which you invested one million dollars and which is already valued at 8?
- “It´s what excites me the most. It´s a cloud-based software for managing virtual teams and teleworkers. It´s competing for Latin American PC World’s 2012 award.”

- Twitter can become an addiction?
- “Yes, we just casually talked on CNN about how social media is a bigger addiction than sex and chocolate. About personal use, many say that social networks are to show off to your friends how well you’re doing.”

- Sharing so much in the media, don’t you miss your privacy?
- “One can choose how much to share, but networks also have a component of exhibitionism.”

- Why the low number on the Facebook stock exchange? Little faith in the future?
- “They have not been doing well on the stock market, but an artist has been lucky with it, David Choe, who made grafitti in exchange for shares. He gained millions.”

- You live in several cities, which one is your home?
- “I feel comfortable in Miami because of the weather. I believe in energy a lot, I do reiki...”

- Do you know reiki?
- “I am at the second level. And you can apply it to to objects and animals, did you know that? When my brothers are going to be riding, I do reiki for them. Mum is a master in the subject. I get to know all this from her. Besides that, I have done quiet meditation, reconnections, Akashic records. All spiritual.”

- And as for religion?
I'm closest to Buddhism.

- And for jewelry religion, I have seen that you wear Tous?
I love it. It´s like Tiffany but more fashionable. More for a young lady, fresher.

- Favourite perfumes?
- “DKNK, by Donna Karan; Samsara, by Guerlain and CK One for everyday.”

- Talking about purses? Louis Vuitton?
- “I don’t like that one. It has been so widely imitated by the Chinese that you find it on the streets. Instead, Italian design and Furla fascinate me, that’s a very, very nice purse brand.”

- Gucci?
- “I prefer Dolce&Gabbana (and it’s not because they are my clients).”

- Versace?
“No; too golden.”

- Hermés?
- “Yes; the prettiest purse I have, one that I love (and wear endlessly), is the Birkin, a small portfolio. For me it’s an icon, a treasure.”

- Shoes?
Two; well, three: Jimmi Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, the one with the red soles.

- With a high heel?
- “I wear huge heels. I am tiny.”

The sign in big letters (on the second page) says:
There are fantastic people who are busy or prefer not to go out and party but still want to fall in love. The Internet is a great database, and for me it was the most logical way.

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