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Wearables, Big Data, Robots and IoT: What We’ve Taken Away from the MWC

The Barcelona event has come to a close, and has once again combined low-cost devices with emerging trends in technology and innovation, with one unwavering constant: mobility. By Silvina Moschini Editor’s note: Silvina Moschini is a consultant in... →

Ways to make money with mobile apps: what is the best option?

It is generally believed to be more difficult to make money with mobile apps than on the traditional web. However, apps can bring profit, and there are different ways to do it. A mobile app can be based on a good idea, work well and be chosen... →

The Revolution approaching our wallets

Ever since the cellular phone went from being a simple instrument of communication to becoming a central for our personal activities, mobile payments have expanded at a dizzying rate.Carrying a wallet that is full of bills is becoming something of... →

The dark side of mobility

Users of mobile devices with Internet connection are faced with attacks that could compromise their personal data and cost them dearlyMobile devices are advancing at a staggering speed towards converting themselves into the digital tools par... →

Mobile advertising: the next big challenge for the social networks

The online sociability networks are receiving an increasing number of visits from mobile devices. But the challenge is to turn this traffic into money to boost their commercial performance. What plans do Facebook and Twitter have?In December 2011,... →

Mobile marketing strategies: Are consumers way ahead of businesses?

The way in which we surf the Internet is changing at the speed of light thanks to the mobile devices that enable us to be always connected. The technological structure is ready, consumers are ready, but marketing strategies still have to be adapted... →

2012, the year of the mobile internet for advertisers

With Google heading the field, spending on mobile phone advertising has beaten its own record in the US. The expectations for 2012 and the remaining challenges.The number of people who connect to the Internet using their phones is growing at an... →

Path, in the eye of the storm for neglecting its users’ privacy

The mobile social network, which authorized up to 150 contacts per user, has been criticized for accessing users’ address books without authorization.Path could have been one of the new sensations on the web. In November, the mobile social network... →

Chrome for Android: What more can you ask for?

Google continues to add improvements to the user experience. Now it has incorporated its version of Chrome for mobile devices with Android, which focuses on expanding browsing possibilities through any device.In 2008, Google launched the Chrome web... →

Internet mobile and the social networks: the question is, Where?

What opportunities are opened for businesses with the development of geolocation tools on the social networks?Access to Internet via mobile phones continues rising throughout the world. There are now seven mobile phones for every ten people... →