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Twitter continues to expand its advertising platform

**Dick Costolo in the announcement of Promoted Products for Latin America.Photo: Eric Gaillard / ReutersMessages, accounts and promoted trends that until now were available only in the US, UK and Japan, will be available in Latin America.With 140... →

Twitter: a place to talk about what is kept quiet

Under the hashtag #ididnotreport hundreds of sexual assault victims in the United Kingdom are speaking out on the social network.The social networks have changed the way that society communicates. In its short history, it has served not just to... →

Censorship on Twitter? The barriers against free expression are raised on the web

The storm doesn’t seem to have abated these days. Between the Sopa and Pipa debates, and the closing of Megaupload a new problem has arisen. Twitter will block messages considered to be offensive and improper according to the legislation of each... →

Flying with Twitter: new design launched

For those of us who have been Twitter users for a while and managed to master its secrets and applications, news of a simple update is music to our ears. Updating is always good and, even though adapting to change is never easy, the new version... →