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Interactive screens with sharper images

OLED technology and the new forms of using TV and Internet became the biggest talking points at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Ultrabooks also caught visitors’ attention.The world’s biggest technological trade fair surpassed... →

Goodbye to Steve Jobs, the great inventor of our time

The creator of an era is gone. For all of us growing up hand in hand with him in the world of electronic devices, Steve wasn’t simply the genius behind Apple: he was more like our father or mentor.With Steve Jobs, we learned how to walk in the... →

Tablets with Android Reign in CES 2011

By: Intuic teamIt’s indisputable that the iPad was the technological revolution of 2010. With more than 14 million units sold, this Apple Tablet became the object of desire for all fans of mobile devices. This year though, the company led by Steve... →

iPad To Rule The Business World

iPad is set to become as popular if not overtake the importance of laptops in span of merely two years. With its unique combination of portable size, powerful functionality and real-time communications on the go, it improves productivity, time... →