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Key tips for safe shopping on Cyber Monday

As always, American stores will offer the most important discounts of the year during the traditional Black Friday. Next Monday, the same will happen on the Internet - but how can you take advantage of these offers and still buy online safely?Since... →

Best applications for social network management

When managing a relationship with online platform customers, we need more powerful and effective management tools. There is a variety of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to mention just a few. Each has... →

Four keys to understanding the future of online marketing

Online stores, mobile purchases, Big Data and online recommendations: the trends to watch out for during the next years.We already know that online marketing is revolutionizing the way in which products and services are commercialized. But, how... →

When advertising speaks for itself

Self-promotional Internet campaigns can be the cornerstone of success for a media agency but also a major risk to its prestige. An idea is worth a thousand words. Advertising, marketing, and communication agencies know this better than anyone.... →

How to plan a marketing campaign on the social networks

Ignoring the social networks or not participating is not an option. On the contrary, social media is an effective means of managing customer relations, avoiding criticism and negative comments. In our increasingly connected world, consumers... →

Social networks: How to measure results?

ROI (Return on Investment) in social media is a hot topic on the web. Online marketing specialists and community managers struggle to determine the impact of social media strategy on financial results. Can social media generate immediate profits for... →

Internet in Latin America and why marketers should care

Latin America’s Internet penetration is low, with only 35% of the population currently connected to the Web. However, with a growth rate of over 1000% since 2000, this has become the fastest growing geography in the world.While there is still a long... →

SEO Dethroned Online Visibility Is the New King

A decade ago, SEO was the undisputed king of generating web traffic and creating online visibility. Using aggressive SEO techniques could, by itself, draw many visitors.The online comments and SEO success stories of this era read like the reviews of... →