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Mobile Web: tips to optimize and get more hits

Positioning is a fundamental pillar to get traffic to any website. With the growth of Internet use on mobile devices, optimization of these platforms becomes essential.Internet users are increasingly exploiting mobile devices. According to the... →

Weemba: how to get a credit through social networks

The process of obtaining a loan can be tricky, but today there are online platforms that simplify this task.Asking for a loan is not easy. Financial institutions are faced with a large number of applications, and those interested in obtaining a loan... →

Marketing challenges in the era of users

Until recently, the most popular corporate ways of communicating with customers allowed very limited interaction. TV, radio and print media provided a narrow platform for public participation with the scales almost entirely tipped to the corporate... →

Yahoo! Scandal reveals deep internal crisis

The company had to replace its chief executives four times in the past three years, and it cannot improve its financial performance.It is undoubtedly a giant, one of the biggest in the Internet. At some point, its search engine was opening... →

Online games are no longer a kids’ thing

The gaming industry is growing rapidly along with the social networks development and the increasing penetration of smartphones.Games are no longer merely entertainment; they have become a new venue for online brand positioning. Large companies have... →

Crowdfunding: a social solution to finance entrepreneurs

Collective cooperation online opens up to help those seeking funding to carry out new projects.The world is full of new ideas waiting for their moment to come to light. Entrepreneurs are faced with a difficult task of demonstrating that theirs are... →

ReCaptcha: the whole world is digitizing books

Captcha is a verification system used to distinguish between humans and computers. Recaptcha enables users to collaborate in the book digitization process.Many times we have had to fill in those annoying little boxes with distorted letters to... →

Virtual Love: St Valentine on the Web

The day dedicated to lovers is here and St Valentine is present on the web. From social network applications to greetings cards, bunches of flowers or days at a spa; the web offers hundreds of options to fully enjoy being in love online.The legend... →

Privacy, simplified: Google´s shorter, sweeter policies blaze a trail for other companies

A seamless user experience starts with straightforward information regarding shared and private data.With the recent announcement of changes to its privacy policies, Google is scoring a win-win for itself and its users. The new policy document,... →

The closing of Megaupload: SOPA again?

Last Thursday, in the middle of the controversial debate about the anti-piracy law, the FBI announced the taking down of the web’s most popular download site. Pure coincidence?After the famous “blackout” against Sopa, which saw protests against the... →