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So.cl, the New Social Network by Microsoft

This proposal has been thought up for students and it combines social functions with its search engine.A few days ago, So.cl was opened to the public; it is the latest idea to come from Microsoft. It’s a social network that allows you to search for... →

Pinterest: The new social platform that’s making a mark in the online market

The Crunchie Award for the Best New Startup of 2011 was won by Pinterest, and with good reason. The new invite-only social network recorded, according to comScore, an increase in traffic of 2,000% between June and November last year.Talking about an... →

Social media winners and losers 2011

The phenomenon of social media doesn’t stop growing. Which networks grew, which were stalled, and showed promise that wasn’t realized this year?There are hundreds of online networks. Many of them are niche networks, others are massive; some are... →

Google+: The new social network queen for companies?

The browser bets on an integration with its social platform that can usher in a new era for online search.  There is no doubt that with its more than 800 million users, Facebook today is queen of the social networks. But this reign may be... →

Consumers’ revenge is served on social networks

Brands are obliged to pay attention to their online reputation if they don’t want their public image damaged.Mobile phones with Internet access are the new consumer megaphone. A dissatisfied customer can now turn to the social networks to... →

Content, the key to successful social network campaigns

The success of any social media initiative depends on a quality content plan that allows effective interaction with users. What is needed to capitalize on the potential of social networks for online positioning? There are people who mistakenly... →

Forums: Internet sociability beyond Facebook and Twitter

Users are not only on the most popular social media platforms. Other tools can be extremely attractive to Internet users and an opportunity to reach specific audiences. What is a social network? According to Wikipedia, it is a structure made... →

How to deal with trolls in social networks

One of the fears of those who develop marketing strategies for the Internet is the risk of encountering negative feedback from users. In general, professionals are prepared to deal with unhappy users who leave critical comments about their brands,... →

The mistake in trying to gag social networks

Social networks have come to the forefront amongst a series of riots in several parts of the world. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, spoke recently about his wish to block access to social networks to users that supposedly took part in the... →

Journalism in the social networking era: a change of paradigm

Let us imagine the following scenario: a journalist is sitting down at his desk at the newspaper’s editing office. He finished a phone conversation a few seconds ago; a source has just given him some information that could make the headlines the... →