The soul of Facebook is its content

Let’s think for a moment about the following case. You enter a company’s profile on Facebook. The brand has designed an attractive and colorful Welcome tab that invites you to click on its “I Like” button. The page has hundreds of images and a personalized application that allows you to answer a quiz about the company’s products and compare your results with those of your friends. So far, everything seems flawless. Then, when you get to the wall, you discover that it was last updated two months ago. You immediately ask yourself, what is the point of connecting to a company that has nothing new for me?

Content is the soul of Facebook. Visitors that connect with you through the social network want to get something regularly, whether it is news about your products or articles related to the market, benefits, promotions, or discounts. To gain followers and achieve visibility, it is important to keep your Facebook profile updated. You must generate a posting rhythm and maintain it, so users feel that you are there on the network; but you don’t want to over participate. The ideal plan is to elaborate a content strategy. What follows are some recommendations for doing that:

Create a monthly calendar for posting. Of course, the social network’s interactive nature is likely to divert you from your original plan, but having a guide will help you manage your page, keep your visitors’ interest, set objectives, and evaluate results.

Pick a subject or category for each day of the week. For example, on Tuesdays you can publish images of your company; on Wednesdays, articles about the market; Thursdays, surveys in which your visitors can participate; and on Fridays, summaries of the weekly news. With this kind of pattern, it will be easier to set a schedule, and your visitors know what to expect from you.

Share relevant content from other sites. You will reinforce your relationship with those members of your community who develop similar themes, and you can increase the number of your updates.

Balance between text, image, and video. Remember that Facebook offers different formats for content publication. If you choose variety, you will attract a more visitors. Some Internet users who are not interested in reading a BlogSpot can be attracted to a podcast or video.

Make sure that all your content is relevant for your brand. Before posting something, ask yourself this question: Will this content be useful for me? If the answer is no, it will be better not to publish it. Make sure your postings are valuable to your guests, offer tips, advice, contests, and benefits for your followers.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a community. Don’t be desperate to talk; listen, for a change. Hear what your guests have to say and try to promote conversation. Pay attention to questions and comments, and always answer kindly and promptly. Try to send messages that are faithful to your brand’s style but add a human touch. Internet users don’t want to read preformatted posts but to interact with people. One interesting strategy is to have your page administrators sign some posts so readers can see that there are real persons behind your brand; this will generate empathy.