MASH MY WEEK! Summary of outstanding news about the Internet, technology, and social media from December 12–17

What’s today’s hot topic on the web? Yes, the new Facebook Timeline. Whether they love it or hate it, everyone is curious to see how they will look on it; here we show you how to activate it. 
Christmas arouses much more than good wishes to family and friends; the festive season also inspires 2.0 companies to surprise their customers. Today we present Heineken’s social tree. 
Do you want to announce an event on the Internet but aren’t sure how to attract attention to it? Are you looking for something to do tonight or during the weekend? The solution is one click away… enter Mitwiz, the new social network for events. 

Facebook’s new Timeline 

In October 2011, 2,000 Americans answered a Gallup/USA Today survey about recent changes to Facebook. Of those surveyed, 56% did not agree with Facebook’s decisions, including the introduction of Timeline. Respondents’ concerns addressed profile’ privacy and visibility more than aesthetics.
However, Timeline is already a sensation in other countries, where it has been announced that the function will be available for everyone. 
What is it? 
Timeline is a platform that will replace all the traditional profiles (statics) by an interactive experience. A vertical time line allows you to show your life story from birth to the present, and the system automatically accommodates all your Facebook updates, images, and content. You can also add material manually, and select the desired level of visibility. 
Mark Zuckerberg describes the Timeline as “A new way of describing and sharing your life.”
The first thing that will be shown on your time line is your home page, where an image you select will be visible along with your personal information, your friends, pages that you follow, and several other things. There is a “Your Stories” function where you can share your most memorable publications, and “Your Apps” assembles both the applications you use and those of your friends. 
The new Timeline can be difficult to manage at first, and it will take some time to get used to its design. But it does offer another option for those who are bored with their traditional profile. If you’re curious, you can activate it at

Heineken’s social tree

Yes, this picture is exactly what it looks like—a huge Christmas tree, 11 meters tall, created by inserting 48 LCD screens into a metal skeleton. 
The structure is not the whole story, though, and the screens are more than just extravagant outdoor advertising. As the final link in an integrated social media campaign, this tree plays a social role. 
Heineken created a Facebook application called “Social Tree”, where visitors can send messages to their friends. First, they select from a choice of predefined messages, and then they address a maximum of 16 contacts who will be informed via Facebook. Then, the message will be shown on the Heineken LCD-tree. 
The company has also created a YouTube video, The Heineken Social Christmas Tree, that shows how the tree was constructed and how it interacts with the Facebook application. 
This is a perfect example of how companies with wit and creativity can take advantage of the social networks’ capacity for interaction. 
The tree was built in Singapore, and can be visited by the public from December 17 to 26. If you happen to be around, be sure to take a picture and share it with us. 

Mitwiz creates, searches, and shares events

“Mitwiz is all about events and nothing but events. Every day, we try to make Mitwiz the ideal place to find out what events are going on around you. We try to be the best place for event organizers to spread the word free. is simple, attractive, and social.” This is how the social network describes itself. 
Now, let’s think about the possibilities offered by a segmented social network dedicated to event information. First, it will be a good place to publish information about openings, conferences, launches, parties, recitals, and theater premieres…and many more events! 
Mitwiz’ users are looking for interesting leisure activities, and on Mitwiz, your event can attract their attention. 
Second, to be a Mitwiz’ user, you just have to register here, and then the system will locate you and offer information about what’s happening there. It also offers you the opportunity to share or create an event on the network.
The platform is very new; it has been operating only for a couple of weeks, so its user base is still small. However, it is planning to grow and is working to develop iPhone and Android applications (a must for their business, in our opinion).
The platform has a friendly, easy-to-surf style with functions that simplify the process of finding an event, from geolocation to searching by theme or date. It also has an outstanding hashtags list of activity categories—for example, #concerts, #festivals, #gastronomy, #sports, and #theater. 
We invite you to visit and let us know what you think.

Until next time…!