(New) Customer Service 3.0

The new generations of informed and hyper-connected consumers is changing the parameters of interaction with companies. Social networks and mobile technologies are at center stage of these changes.Technological advances have totally reconfigured our daily communications. In less than two decades the accelerated digitalizing of our society has changed the way in which millions of people interact among themselves, the way in which they search for information relevant to their lives and the... →

Businesses in the “click” era

The web has radically changed the way we consider business. The velocity of information, telecommuting and digital marketing are realities that are here to stay. To mark the Day of the Internet, Alex Konanykhin analyzes the challenges of a scene in constant transformation.A typical businessman of 30 years ago had a daily routine that is so different from the one his modern-day colleagues have that is worth describing here to take note of the magnitude of the changes that have taken place. ... →

The Revolution of Work 3.0

If you are reading these words on your Internet browser, you are doing something that wasn’t possible 25 years ago. Two decades ago, the web was a project only just being born, and the only way to read the news was in printed newspapers. Today, you can access the same information from your laptop, desktop, tablet or Smartphone in a dynamic and convenient way no matter where you are.Some technological changes are more obvious and visible than others. In the last few decades, the computer has... →

Facebook redesigned: a challenge for brands

As from March 30 the new Timeline will no longer be optional. With the new format, users of the social network will find it easier to use when it comes to organizing their information. At the same time, brands will have to reformulate their visibility strategies.Facebook is undergoing the most important transformation of its short and successful career. The new redesign, which from March 30 will affect all users of the social network, is not a simple makeover. With the new Timeline, the... →

Facebook celebrates its eighth birthday with its imminent entry onto the Stock Market

It’s the eighth birthday of the social network that is still revolutionising the World 2.0. It has come a long way from Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room to the Stock Exchange.On February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched a new social platform called “The Facebook”. Eight years after its appearance, the tool that was born as an exclusive site for University of Harvard students is the absolute queen of online sociability and is going to enter on the Stock Market with an initial public offer that could... →

Sopa: A necessary halt

The halt of the controversial Sopa bill reveals the complexity of the dilemma: how to fight piracy without limiting the circulation of information and knowledge on the Internet.The hail of criticism unleashed by the Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) has had its first concrete consequence. The US Congress has decided to put it on temporary hold. The decision was taken after the official refusal to back the bill by the White House, which sees more risks to the freedom of expression than effectiveness... →