Growing and competing from the cloud

Cloud computing is no longer reserved for large companies or companies in the computer industry. What are the advantages of the cloud and why does access to it grow? The economy increasingly crosses paths with technological changes. As discussed in the previous articles, changes in this area have a decisive impact on other areas: we witness the appearance of new ways to work and consume as well as new work schemes that have little resemblance to those of the classical industrial... →

Native digitals: influence in the new economy

The so-called “Net generation” is transforming ways of business design and implementation. Why does it promote organizational transparency and what is its role as a consumer?In our urgent need to understand the growing interdependence between the economy and the technology, we have been talking about how the latter is remodeling the former. The ways of working and consuming are changing before our eyes at full speed, and businessmen and women must keep their fingers on the pulse of these... →

Digital transparency: inevitable paradigm

The amount of available information and its velocity are two undeniable factors of digital economy. Powered by those and by new generation of digital natives, transparent management models are consolidated. Technological changes are undeniably changing every aspect of our lives. Business world is not an exception. More so, it is a place where all these transformations interlock. Consider how digital life has radically modified our work routines and our ways of consuming (and deciding what... →

Innovation: from concept to strategy

In the competitive digital economy today, the challenge to innovate becomes almost obligatory. Business, technology, and a new paradigm of transparency We live in a changing reality where companies – regardless of size – strive to stay relevant all the time. For many business leaders, this means ensuring that the company is always equipped with the best technology and human resources capable to manage it. Although no one would deny that the above is fundamental, the key to corporate... →

The challenge to be … and to stay

In economy that is characterized by the speed of technological innovation, big companies of today may become only a memory in the next decade. Key points and challenges for business leaders.If there is a defining characteristic of a new digital economy, it’s an irresistible drive for innovation. For a couple of decades, technological advances have been entirely transforming our way of life. At the corporate level, these changes also haven’t gone unnoticed: businesses aren’t what they used to... →

Business in 21st century: be online or be visible?

The Internet has significantly changed the relationship between businesses and consumers. What are the keys to manage a successful online presence and not die trying? The term “digital economy” has an irresistible appeal today. Entrepreneurs, marketing analysts and business technology fans constantly repeat it with mixture of enthusiasm and fanaticism. However, it is essential to emphasize that digital economy is not a mere sum of business and high technology; it implies a real paradigm... →

Entrepreneurs today: to be and to want to be

The technological revolution and talent to innovate are two great engines of the digital economy. However, aside from ideas and input, entrepreneurs need to have appropriate attitudes. The only thing we know for sure about the world economic stage is that it’s constantly ‘on the move’. In an era defined by constant technological change and the rising value of ideas, businesses are no longer a mere matter of calculation and profit: they have become a field where information and its... →

To outsource successfully, that is the question

A dilemma “to outsource” or “not to outsource” seems to be on the sidelines. Today, business leaders are more attentive to a choice of a right partner and the benefits of acquiring technology as a service. The decision to outsource in part business production processes is based on reasons of costs and intends to increase profitability and efficiency. However, many business leaders are cautious, if not outright wary of outsourcing. The main reason is fear to “lose control”. We have two... →

Business innovation: technology sets trends

Advances in virtual communication and changes in consumption patterns increasingly affect adoption of new business schemes.The future can’t reveal itself, but some of its major trends can be noted. Weeks earlier when speaking about Internet Day, we highlighted the enormous changes that web brought into the current scope of business. Today we would like to share our perspective on its future. In the short and medium term, the horizon of corporate innovations includes a number of trends,... →

Leadership skills in digital economy

In the era driven by knowledge, immediacy and innovation, business leaders face the challenge to steer dynamic, motivated teams.Leading a company in a competitive world today requires a combination of skills and abilities. Typically, business men and women focus their energies on what they perceive as their primary role: developing a strategy to reach the desired goals.However, there are other aspects of leadership directly involved in teamwork leading. At this point, the first major strength... →