Silvina Moschini, an Entrepreneuress Who’s Betting it All on Flexible Work

Miami, December 9th (EFEUSA).- Silvina Moschini is all too familiar with the corporate world of inflexible schedules and never-ending shifts, which she abandoned to become an entrepreneuress, and prove that work with flexibility is becoming more and... →

Wearables, Big Data, Robots and IoT: What We’ve Taken Away from the MWC

The Barcelona event has come to a close, and has once again combined low-cost devices with emerging trends in technology and innovation, with one unwavering constant: mobility. By Silvina Moschini Editor’s note: Silvina Moschini is a consultant in... →

Yandiki, a Company Wagering it All on Millennials’ Home Offices

Silvina Moschini is all too familiar with the corporate world of inflexible schedules and never-ending shifts, which she abandoned to become an entrepreneuress and prove that work with flexibility is becoming more and more of a necessary option.... →

"Entrepreneurship Demands Dedication and Effort" - Silvina Moschini, Miss Internet

By Paola Ortiz There has been a lot of talk about Miss Universe, so we decided to get a better understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Miami, the location of the competition. Although we were unable to cover the coronation, we did get to... →

Silvina Moschini: Companies Today are Making Full Use of Outsourcing

By Marilina Esquivel It’s what people call cloudworking - working within the “cloud”. Conventional telecommuting evolved thanks to online platforms and collaboration technologies, and to an increase in independent workers. “It’s the new way of... →

The Rise of the Extended Workforce

By Silvina Moschini ⎥Co Founder & CSO at Yandiki Inc ⎥@Miss_InternetIf you play a game of word association, confronted with the word ‘work’, some of the most common answers ‘desk’ ‘office’ ‘employee’ won’t really apply to almost a third of... →

Key tips for safe shopping on Cyber Monday

As always, American stores will offer the most important discounts of the year during the traditional Black Friday. Next Monday, the same will happen on the Internet - but how can you take advantage of these offers and still buy online safely?Since... →

Growing and competing from the cloud

Cloud computing is no longer reserved for large companies or companies in the computer industry. What are the advantages of the cloud and why does access to it grow? The economy increasingly crosses paths with technological changes. As... →

Secrets to make the most from your Facebook campaigns

The biggest social network is undoubtedly an excellent place to develop online advertizing campaigns. To take full advantage of this investment, these are the key points to consider. As we know, Facebook has a large and varied user base, which... →

Native digitals: influence in the new economy

The so-called “Net generation” is transforming ways of business design and implementation. Why does it promote organizational transparency and what is its role as a consumer?In our urgent need to understand the growing interdependence between the... →

Mobile Web: tips to optimize and get more hits

Positioning is a fundamental pillar to get traffic to any website. With the growth of Internet use on mobile devices, optimization of these platforms becomes essential.Internet users are increasingly exploiting mobile devices. According to the... →

Digital transparency: inevitable paradigm

The amount of available information and its velocity are two undeniable factors of digital economy. Powered by those and by new generation of digital natives, transparent management models are consolidated. Technological changes are undeniably... →

Ways to make money with mobile apps: what is the best option?

It is generally believed to be more difficult to make money with mobile apps than on the traditional web. However, apps can bring profit, and there are different ways to do it. A mobile app can be based on a good idea, work well and be chosen... →

Innovation: from concept to strategy

In the competitive digital economy today, the challenge to innovate becomes almost obligatory. Business, technology, and a new paradigm of transparency We live in a changing reality where companies – regardless of size – strive to stay relevant... →

Tips for dealing with image crisis in social networks

Every business has its detractors who can find many ways to express and publish their criticisms, complaints and accusations hurting the brand. That is why it is important to know how to act in a crisis.The immediacy and interactivity of social... →

The challenge to be … and to stay

In economy that is characterized by the speed of technological innovation, big companies of today may become only a memory in the next decade. Key points and challenges for business leaders.If there is a defining characteristic of a new digital... →

Weemba: how to get a credit through social networks

The process of obtaining a loan can be tricky, but today there are online platforms that simplify this task.Asking for a loan is not easy. Financial institutions are faced with a large number of applications, and those interested in obtaining a loan... →

Business in 21st century: be online or be visible?

The Internet has significantly changed the relationship between businesses and consumers. What are the keys to manage a successful online presence and not die trying? The term “digital economy” has an irresistible appeal today. Entrepreneurs,... →

Twitter continues to expand its advertising platform

**Dick Costolo in the announcement of Promoted Products for Latin America.Photo: Eric Gaillard / ReutersMessages, accounts and promoted trends that until now were available only in the US, UK and Japan, will be available in Latin America.With 140... →

Entrepreneurs today: to be and to want to be

The technological revolution and talent to innovate are two great engines of the digital economy. However, aside from ideas and input, entrepreneurs need to have appropriate attitudes. The only thing we know for sure about the world economic... →